Testimonials by Clients

Leanne S

I have had an Indian Massage by Zoe, and it was totally relaxing and thoroughly relaxed and chilled me for the next few days....just what I needed.
I have also had a Reiki treatment from Zoe, this was non intrusive, completely relaxing, and a new experience for me...but one that I would definitely have again, thanks Zoe


Zoe constantly made me feel relaxed and discussed what was going to happen before the treatment, explained and kept me relaxed during the treatment, asking me how I felt and afterwards, gave me directions on what to do, what not to do (like drinking lots of water and if I go tired etc and reasons why) she also discussed with me what she experienced whilst giving me the treatment and the reasons why (symbolised by different areas of the body and what it means). It was a completely enlightening experience. Zoe is very caring and experienced in what she does and it is a very rewarding experience from beginning to end.

Alison S

Hi Zoe - I would like to say that I found the Indian head massage you gave me amazing, very relaxing and made me feel great afterwards. Very easy to plan and book, you are very professional and made me feel relaxed and comfortable from the outset. You explained everything very clearly and then commenced the treatment. Throughout I felt relaxed, and enjoyed the whole experience. Afterwards I felt the benefits of the massage for several days. I will book another treatment with you soon, when my diary permits, and I will recommend you and your professional expertise. Thank you xx


For the ultimate in relaxation I strongly recommend a session of Indian Head Massage. Sitting on a chair or stool you stay fully clothed whilst the Practitioner uses a variety of techniques to relieve tension along the upper back, shoulders, neck, head and face. The upper back and shoulders get very tight and tense with most people, particularly those who do a lot of driving or sitting at a computer. This can inevitably lead to headaches and fatigue. When I have had my head massage I felt much more relaxed. The techniques tend to be both relaxing and invigorating which leaves you with a feeling of calm and energy at the same time. It is the perfect tonic at the end of a stressful day (or the beginning of a difficult one!) It soothes, comforts and rebalances the energies, improves blood flow and helps the body rid waste material at the same time stimulating the lymph system. Thanks Zoe.


I have received Indian head massages from Zoe, before each she completed a questionnaire to ensure that any health concerns would not be contra-indicated, Zoe asked which oils you would like to use. Zoe always had utmost respect for my dignity.

The setting for each massage varied and personally i found that the home environment with relaxing music and candles the most relaxing.

The after effects of the treatment left me extremely relaxed and revitalised and the massage relieved the shoulder stress i was suffering this has not returned. This treatment is a must for anybody needing some "me time " it left me feeling that i had not got the weight of the world on my shoulders.

I think that Zoe is a fabulous therapist and I would recommend her services to anyone she is very professional and your appointment with her is just that "your time and your appointment"

Denise A

With regards to the Reiki, I must admit that I was a bit sceptical at first, but confess that it the most relaxing form of therapy I have ever experienced. I cannot believe that without touching me you seemed to know exactly which areas needed attention and the warm feeling which eminated in certain areas which needed healing was amazing. Equally, I have had Indian head massages before and the experience with you was excellent. I was comfortable and relaxed and the treatment took all the tension from my neck and shoulder and the head massage left me feeling like a new woman. Would recommend you to anyone.

Allison H

Thank you for the lovely Thai Foot Massage today. I feel like I am walking on air now x

Kylie M

Thank you Zoe for the Amazing Thai Foot Ritual Treatment!!! it was just so relaxing and refreshingly different! Highly recommended to anyone that likes their legs and feet being massaged :) x

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