Oriental Thai Foot Massage

Traditional Thai Foot Massage is a combination of acupressure, energy balancing and stretching exercises. Thai Foot Massage is practised everywhere in Thailand and a part of everyday life, techniques that are still used today date back over 2000 years. The treatment focuses on the lower legs and feet, the practitioner uses a range of pressures and techniques using their hands, thumbs and a wooden acupressure massage tool to stimulate and balance the bodies systems and energies/Chi by addressing the Sen lines and pressure points. The wooden acupressure tool creates an incredibly therapeutic treatment for your client whilst minimising the impact and strain to your hands.

Thai Foot Massage incorporates elements of what we recognise as Reflexology. The foundation of Reflexology is that there are certain points on the foot that can affect other areas of the body. Thai Foot Massage and Reflexology can extend to the ankles and legs as well.


Thai Foot Massage dates back over hundreds of years, and has been one of the most effective and revered forms of massage in the Orient and eventually, all over the world. Thai Massage can cover the entire body. The art of Thai Foot massage is an art in and of itself. Thai Foot Massage was developed over the years by incorporating foot massage techniques from China, Japan and Korea.

Where western massage concentrates on tissue manipulations of the body, Thai Massage focus on pressure points and energy lines (Sen lines) when balanced creates a better functioning mind, body and spirit.

Effects and benefits of Oriental Foot Massage

  • The Thai foot stick allows for a deeper application of pressure.

  • Skin, massage has a natural desquamating effect which will allow for greater product
    absorption, softens and hydrates feet.

  • Circulatory system, massage encourages blood flow creating vasodilation, delivering more
     oxygen and nutrients to the cells and collecting waste products such as carbon dioxide.
     This is a fundamental function of the body’s renewal process. The production of
     erythrocytes (red blood cells) and leucocytes (white blood cells) are increased, supporting
     the immune system. Thai Foot Massage improves blood flow to the feet helping with poor
     circulation and cold feet.

  • Lymphatic system, known as the body’s secondary circulation, if waste output is increased
     via the removal of carbon dioxide, waste and urea in the body will naturally be detoxifying
     itself! Also helps eliminate water retention in ankles/feet.

  • Muscular system, Overworked, tired and aching muscles are renewed as deep pressure
     increases the removal of lactic acid. Reduces stiffness and increases flexibility.

  • Nervous system, a relaxing massage will sooth nerve endings, bringing a deep state of
    relaxation, calm, peace and a sense of well-being. Thai Foot Massage can help to reduce
    stress, anxiety, worries and stills mental chatter and transport you to a place of inner

  • Can help to improve conditions including: arthritis, heavy/aching legs, plantar fasciitis.

The treatment includes a free foot soak and foot scrub.

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