Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage can help to relieve the aches and pains from everyday stresses that pregnancy can have upon the body. It can promote relaxation and enable the mother to co-ordinate her breathing in order to have the confidence in the ability of her own body. In turn, closeness and bonding may be felt between mother and baby.

Carrying this new life causes hormonal changes both physically and emotionally within the mother’s body, common affects are:-

  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Heartburn/indigestion
  • Constipation
  • Leg cramps
  • Fluid retention of the feet/ankles/hands
  • Back pain
  • Irritability/tearfulness

Pregnancy massage benefits:-

  • Promotes relaxation
  • Aid relief of musculoskeletal discomfort
  • Alleviate stress and anxiety
  • Aid digestive processes
  • Enhance breathing co-ordination
  • Promote bonding between mother and baby
  • Aid circulation and the relief of oedema

As a qualified Clinical Aromatherapist, I can use essential oils in the massage dependant on requirements/stage of pregnancy. Aromatherapy blends can be tailored to you for common pregnancy complaints (full consultation required). Also available is the option for me to tutor your birthing partner the back massage routine for when the big day arrives!

Pregnancy Massage
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