Facial Lift Massage

This treatment combines tried and tested techniques including Acupressure, Massage and Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD). Oriental Facial Lift Rejuvenation is designed to reduce muscular tension in the face and jaw, release expression lines and wrinkles whilst draining away excess tissue fluid which achieves a noticeably fresh and more youthful appearance of the skin – every time! Most of us have concerns with ageing whilst at the same time we are becoming increasingly aware of the natural approach to health; this treatment is the perfect answer to both. This treatment also includes a short neck, shoulder and head massage.

Effects and benefits

  • The lymphatic system is activated increasing its rate of absorption from surrounding tissues.
     It’s non invasive way to eliminate excess fluid and waste products more effectively.

  • Diminishes expression lines and wrinkles.

  • Eases muscular tension in face and jaw.

  • An ideal remedy for facial swelling, puffiness around the eyes adding nothing harmful to the
     body. The gentle MLD movements are pleasant to experience and highly effective in opening
     and draining the excess tissue fluids, working with the body’s natural detoxifying system.

  • The effects on the nervous system make it one the most relaxing treatments available.
     Perfect for stress and tension.

  • Naturally desquamating. (removal of surface dead skin cells)

  • Firms, tones and lifts the skin and muscles.

  • Increased blood circulation, speeding up the delivery of oxygen and nutrients and the removal
     of waste.

  • Becomes increasingly popular post-operative for facelift patients. A treatment plan for daily
     treatments for the first 30 days enables the body to heal faster by reducing the swelling and

  • The effect on the central nervous system, it can relieve symptoms including insomnia,
     headaches, depression and anxiety plus many more.

  • Reduces bags under the eyes, the eyes appear brighter.

  • Leaves the skin more radiant and youthful.

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