Crystal Chakra Healing

Crystals have been used around the world for thousands of years to help all sorts of conditions of the Mind, Body and Spirit. Their recorded use dates back over 5,000 years in Chinese texts on Traditional Medicine, Ayuvedic texts from India and the Bible, which has over 200 references to crystals and their powers and associations.

People across the world have a natural affinity and knowledge of crystals and their healing powers. The healing properties of crystals are universal.

By the application of crystals through both ancient and modern healing techniques such as the laying on of stones and the radial motion of crystals to focus energy, it is possible to effect changes on the body, mind, spirit and emotions for the benefit of your health. Working with crystals can create positive changes in your life.

What happens in a Crystal Healing treatment?

In a Crystal Healing Treatment I will start by asking how you feel, why you've come to see me and we'll fill in a consent form with some simple standard information. I'll ask you to lie on the therapy couch. It's quite comfortable and there's no need to remove any clothing. Then I'll start selecting crystals especially for you and placing them where they need to be on your body. Once the crystals have been placed, I will work with other crystal healing techniques to activate the crystals and enhance the treatment. At the end of the treatment we'll have a little time to talk and I'll check you are grounded before you leave. Crystal treatments really are a treat!

How does Crystal Healing work?

Crystals have their own unique energies which balance our own. They work on our energy system comprised of meridians, chakras and aura. It is through these energy pathways, centres and fields that crystal healing acts.

Crystal Healing promotes change. It is working with crystals to improve your physical and mental health, your emotional wellbeing and your spiritual advancement. Crystals can alleviate symptoms and conditions whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual.

Crystals are beautiful both in their appearance and feeling. They’re fun to work with, and have no ill side effects. Even if sometimes their effect can feel uncomfortable as we release thoughts and emotions we don’t want to face but no longer need, they do only good. Crystal therapists are trained to apply crystals in the most suitable ways for each individual client’s needs.


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